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Ahtri tn 6A Tallinn
Harjumaa 10151, Estonia
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Introduction to our business

Aurora Technologies OÜ is new kind of financial search & comparison company. We’re aiming to change one of the largest and most important sectors in the world by facilitating point of sale transactions between consumers and financial institutions.

Our Strategy

By injecting technology into an industry that often lacks it, we are developing innovative money borrowing experiences for consumers and matching financial institutions with the right customers in cost-effective ways. Focusing on organic growth, international expansion, and technology development we are committed to our vision of creating better and more transparent money borrowing experiences for all consumer demographics.

Our mission is simple:
Be the consumer’s first destination before borrowing money online.

Our mission is to provide the best loan discovery interfaces and aid consumers with personalized experiences throughout the loan lifecycle. We are channel-agnostic and aim to delight our users consistently across every possible brand touchpoint and interaction moment. We move with our clients and occupy same channels what they do.

Our values were built into the core of Aurora from day one. Our values drive everything we do for our customers, employees, and investors.

1. Customer obsession

Always start by understanding why customers care and work backward from there. Challenge assumptions with data to be sure.

2. Ownership mentality

We think long-term and don’t sacrifice long-term value for short-term profits. We never say “that’s not my job” and always act on behalf of the company and focus on building value.

3. Create experiences

Deliver extraordinary experiences what delight. Strive daily to provide a superior product and unrivaled service that leave everyone smiling.

4. Think Big and challenge yourself

Anticipate the future and tackle hard problems. If future is not terrifying, we aren’t pushing ourselves enough. Surpass the expectations and strive to accomplish amazing amounts of important work.

5. Empower others and aim for revolutionary success

We are like pro-sports team. The more talent we have, the more we can accomplish. We help each other to be great by working together in order to arrive at better insights and decisions.

6. Thrive on technological risk

Through continuous experimentation, we are steadily learning and improving. There’s no instruction book it’s our job to figure it out and launch it. Despite setbacks never settle. Iterate and fix it. We value calculated risk taking.

7. Frugality is the key

Profit is the fuel that helps us grow, to reach our goals and maximize long-term return to our shareowners. If we govern it wisely, we can do more. We are constantly on the lookout for emerging technologies what can power efficiency at scale and benefit bottom line.

That’s audacious, awesome, and a rare opportunity. We’re hiring.

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